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Fine Art  by Robert Taylor

Just in! Some rare secondary market fine art prints by Robert Taylor (Selections in red are new)....

"After the Battle" by Robert Taylor

Spitfire Mk IXs of 611 Squadron return to Kenley following cobat with Fw190s over the English channel, July,1942. Below are the fields of southern England, the channel in the distance.

27 3/4" x 17 1/2" limited/numbered edition of 1000 signed by Spitfire pilots Paddy Barthropp, Neville Duke, Johnnie Johnson, Harbourne Stephen, Sir Archie Winskill, and Alan Wright.


"Bridge At Remagen" by Robert Taylor

Special matched number Trilogy Edition

Main Print : Arado 234 and Me-262 jets of the Luftwaffe make a last desparate attack on the American held Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine at Remagen, March 1945.

Plus two extra smaller prints signed by the artist:

"Night Interceptors" by Robert Taylor : Me-262s climb out at dusk on an intercept mission during the Battle for Germany, 1945.

"Pre Flight Brief" by Robert Taylor: An Heinkel He 162 "Volksjager" jet fighter prepares for a mission at Leck, May, 1945.

limited edition of 1250 signed by 5 top German jet aces


"Russian Roulette" by Robert Taylor

Yak 3s and Me-109s fly head on at each other in a typical aerial combat manoeuvre between top fighter aces on the Russian Front n WWII.

33" X 24", limited edition of 1250 prints signed by 6 German and Russian aces.


"Hunters In The Desert" by Robert Taylor

Fighter pilots of JG27 clamber from their Me109s after a mission agains the RAF in the Western Desert, June, 1942. Above them, Hans-Joachim Marseille his 100th victory with a low level pass over his dusty airstrip.

34" X 25" ,edition of 1250 Signed by four Luftwaffe Me109 pilots who flew with Marsielle in North Africa:
Franz Elles , Fritz Keller, Friedrich Korner and Eduard Neumann.


"A TIME FOR HEROES" by Robert Taylor 

31" X 23", edition of 500

1388.....Sold Out

Baderlegend.jpg (32807 bytes)

"Bader Legend" by Robert Taylor

A tribute to the famous British fighter ace, signed by 4 pilots who flew with him in the Tangmere wing.

27 1/2" X 20 1/2", Edition of 900 s/n, 4 co-signatures

1372......$295. (CDN)

"Bader's Bus Company" by Robert taylor

1367.....$350. (CDN)


"BAND OF BROTHERS" - RAF Aircrew edition

Size: 30 1/2" x 23 1/2"
Aircraft: Lancaster

Lancaster ‘S’ for Sugar of 467 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, taxies in at RAF Waddington on the morning of 27 April, 1944, having completed her 95th operation, a raid on the ball-bearing factory at Schweinfurt, Germany. Sporting on her fuselage Goering’s infamous quotation “No enemy plane will fly over the Reich territory….”, ‘S’ for Sugar went on to complete 137 operational sorties. This famous bomber, restored to her former glory, now resides in the RAF Museum as a lasting tribute to the men of RAF Bomber Command.
This print bears an original drawing (in the signature border) by Robert Taylor.
The edition is accompanied by a copy of Robert Taylor's Air Combat Paintings book vol.I.

Sir Michael Beetham
Harry Hughes
Tony Iveson
John Petrie -Andrews
Sir John Curtiss
Mac Hamilton
Reg Lewis
Lord Mackie of Benshie
E. Gray Ward
Harry Wright.

(aircrew edition - 1366) .....$435.00

caughtonsurface.jpg (42282 bytes)

"Caught On the Surface" by Robert Taylor

1371.....$395. (CDN)


by Robert Taylor

 limited print - missing the companion book and certificate...1390.....make us an offer (was $300.)



"D-Day Normandy Landings" by Robert Taylor

24"X 20", edition of 1500


Eaglesqdn.jpg (36520 bytes)

"Eagle Squadron Scramble" by Robert Taylor

1396.....$295. (CDN)



Late Autumn 1941, pilots of JG-26 have just returned to their base near St. Omer in northern France and are excitedly discussing the action they have just completed against RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes high above the Channel coast. As ground crews prepare the squadron’s Me109Fs for another mission, some of the new Fw190A fighters taxi out to continue the battle.

Signed by Knight’s Cross recipients:- Heinz Marquardt - Johannes Naumann
Erhard Nippa - Gerhard Schopfel - Gunter Seeger.

Edition size: 500                      36" x 24"

1400.....$395.. (CDN)

Eaglesprey.jpg (24801 bytes)

"Eagle's Prey" by Robert Taylor

This commemorative print shows Spitfire VB's of No. 71 Eagle squadron flying over a downed Me-109  in France, 1941.

33" X 25", Edition of 1250, 5 Eagle squadron co-signatures

1392.....$395. (CDN)


Fightforsky.jpg (34126 bytes)

"Fight For the Sky" by Robert Taylor

1386.....$395. (CDN)


"First of Many" by Robert Taylor

24" X 20" edition of 600

1385.....$325. (CDN)

"Flight of Eagles" by Robert Taylor



Fronthurricanes.jpg (46732 bytes)

"Frontline Hurricanes" by Robert Taylor

1399.....$395. (CDN)

ohio.jpg (35558 bytes)

"Gallant Ohio" by Robert Taylor

Size: 32 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Editions: 850 signed and numbered prints / 85 Artist Proofs

Depicted some 60 miles out of Malta, the American tanker Ohio lies dead in the water, her decks almost awash. The destroyer HMS Bramham is lashed alongside the stricken tanker. A second destroyer, HMS Penn, is closing on her starboard quarter, while a third, HMS Ledbury, positions herself astern to provide steerage. An ocean-going tug and a minesweeper have arrived to assist.

Above, Spitfires of 126 and 185 Squadrons bring down an enemy aircraftmaking a last desperate attack upon the gallant flotilla.


The Signatures:
Flight Lieutenant TONY HOLLAND, D.F.C, A.E., D.F.C.(US)
Admiral of the Fleet LORD LEWIN, G.C.B., M.V.O., D.S.C.
Wing Commander P.B. (LADDIE) LUCAS, C.B.E., D.S.O., D.F.C.
Lieutenant Commander G.G. MARTEN, L.V.O., D.S.C.
Lieutenant PETER TWISS, O.B.E., D.S.C*.
Group Captain ALAN WRIGHT

1389.....$395. (CDN)


"Head On Attack" by Robert Taylor


"Helping Hand" by Robert Taylor

1402.....$350. (CDN)

hmsBelfast.jpg (42985 bytes)

"HMS Belfast"

by Robert Taylor

At the outbreak of World War II, H.M.S. Belfast had already joined the Home Fleet operating out of Scapa Flow. Patrolling north of the Faeroes in October 1939 she came across and captured the German liner Cap Norte. This success was short-lived, however, when she struck a mine, the explosion breaking her back. After repairs and modernisation she was the best-equipped cruiser afloat. Later she went on to play an important role in the Normandy Landings of June 1944.

Overall Print Size 24" x 20"

Each print is individually signed by the artist and Sir Frederick Parham.

1384.....$149. (CDN)

homecoming.jpg (27263 bytes)

"Homecoming" by Robert Taylor

1377 - unframed.........Sold Out 

1378 - framed.....$645. (CDN)


"Hostile Skies" by Robert Taylor


"Lancaster VC's" by Robert Taylor

1404.....$275. (CDN)

limitlesshorizons.jpg (31053 bytes)

"Limitless Horizons" by Robert Taylor

1397.....$395. (CDN)

missionbeyonddarkness.jpg (33240 bytes)

"Mission Beyond Darkness" by Robert Taylor

1391.....$ 395. (CDN)


"Out of Fuel and Safely Home" by Robert Taylor

1381.....(framed) $595.

"PHANTOM STRIKE" by RobertTaylor

Comes with companion B&W print "Wolfpack Leader"

Signed by Brigadier General Robin Olds and Major David L. Lafferty, edition of 1500.

1380.....(framed).....Sold Out 

"PHANTOM SHOWTIME" by Robert Taylor

1398.....$435. (CDN)

Ploesti.jpg (35913 bytes)

"Ploesti - the Vital Mission" by Robert Taylor

1395.....$795. (CDN)

seafury.jpg (22181 bytes)

"Sea Fury MiG Encounter" by Robert Taylor

1405.....$160. (CDN)


"Sighting of the Bismark" by Robert Taylor

comes with an additional signed and numbered B&W print depicting the battleship Hood


spitsoverdarwin.jpg (23206 bytes)

"Spitfires Over Darwin" by Robert Taylor

unframed - 1369.....$335. (CDN)

framed - 1370.....$545. (CDN)

Stirlings-Outward-Bound.jpg (29893 bytes)

"Stirlings Outward Bound" by Robert Taylor

1394.....$245. (CDN)

"The Swordfish Attack on Tarantao" by Robert Taylor


"Target Peenemunde" by Rober Taylor

signed by 5 Bomber Command aircrew

33" X 25".....1379.....$$395.

Size: 32" x 24"

Band of Brothers Part II: Bomb Groups of the U.S. Eighth Air Force 1942-45 "We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers"

The second in a new collector Portfolio of Limited Editions by Robert Taylor commemorating the great Air Commands of the Second World War- published in part to support the American Air Museum, Duxford, England.

Signed and Numbered Print
Edition Size - 400

1373.....ONLY $400.(CDN)


1383.....$230. (CDN)

unevenodds.jpg (25003 bytes)

"Uneven Odds" by Robert Taylor

1382.....$150. (CDN)

  "Victory Over Dunkirk" by Robert Taylor

signed by Battle of Britain ace Robert Stanford Tuck

1368.....$495. (framed)


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